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Perks Law Group offers a complete full suite of corporate legal services that compliment your business objectives.

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Whether you are seeking advice for yourself as an entrepreneur, your family business, or are looking to grow/sell your existing business in Ontario, our Business Lawyers have the knowledge and the resources to serve your needs. We pride ourselves on providing practical, cost-effective advice to our corporate clients.

Who We Serve

Our Toronto Business Lawyers in our Corporate-Commercial department serve businesses of every structure, size, and industry. From growing companies, to multi-generational family enterprises, the Business Lawyers at PLG can help your business manage risk and carefully navigate the legal complexities you face. We prepare a variety of tailored commercial contracts to meet the legal needs of businesses operating in Ontario and across Canada. Some of our clients include:

  • Canadian Vodka Company
  • Medical Devices and Health Services Company
  • Money Services Business
  • Car Dealerships
  • Start-Ups and Emerging Growth Companies
  • Privately Owned Family Businesses
  • Corporate Executives, Shareholders, and Directors
  • Student Loan Fintech Company
  • AEC Firms
  • Business Consulting Firms

Private M&A

Private M&A transactions, whether large or small, have inherent complexities that need to be carefully understood and properly addressed. One of the hallmarks of our practice is our understanding of risk. Managing and minimizing potential risk is of the utmost importance in any transaction. Our Business Lawyers guide you efficiently and collaboratively through due diligence reviews, negotiation, document drafting, and closing. Successful transactions must be designed having regard to real world implications and stakeholder interest. Our Business Lawyers leverage their expertise to achieve client objectives with a clear focus on building strong relationships.

Shareholder Agreements & Disputes

An up-to-date shareholder agreement can provide critical protections and benefits to business owners. In closely held companies, relationships need to be carefully managed, and when disputes arise, we use our experience to help you navigate through your differences and preserve the value of your business. Shareholder agreements are an integral component of any well-run, privately held company and serve as a roadmap for critical decisions such as dividing profits, succession planning, and transferring shares.

We will work with you to provide important shareholder protections through a carefully drafted shareholder agreement, and in the event any disputes arise, we will work with all parties and key stakeholders to achieve a swift resolution in a cost-effective manner.

General Corporate Counsel

Consider the advantage of having a business lawyer always there and ready to answer your questions and immediate business law needs. Our boutique firm enables us to respond quickly to your ever-changing legal needs. We are respectful of the risks you take as an entrepreneur and are mindful of costs. Our firm leverages modern technology and practice management software to simplify processes, reduce steps, and improve client satisfaction.

Corporate Structure & Governance

As time passes, and you want to re-organize your business to include new shareholders or partners, or wish to benefit from tax planning strategies, we can help. Our lawyers have developed key relationships with trusted tax, accounting, and financial advisors to help make the most out of your corporate structure. Our lawyers can help your business structure formulate the ideal system by which your company is directed and controlled. Together, we review your financials, operations, industry trends, and potential opportunities your business may benefit from. We strive to take a holistic approach when advising your business, with a focus on the long-term.

Business Succession Planning

A formidable business succession plan should have a structure that minimizes tax and ensures that the business will be passed on successfully. Working alongside accountants, business advisors, and tax specialists, our Business Lawyers can help you complete a successful business succession plan to ensure your business continue to thrive and yield dividends. The reality is few privately held and family run business transfer ownership successfully.

We help you weigh your options and ask key questions to plan wisely. The longer you wait to plan, the harder these issues are to address. Contact our Business Lawyers and take action to protect and prolong the life of your company.

Professional Partnerships & Corporations

There are substantial advantages to doctors, accountants, dentists, lawyers, and several other professionals who have the ability incorporate and earn business income through a corporation. Some advantages to professional corporations include tax deferral, income splitting (subject to the rules of tax on split income), and limited liability protection. While advantageous to many, not everyone who is eligible will benefit to from a professional incorporation, as they are more favourable to high-income earners who don’t require access to all of the income earned by the corporation.

If you are an eligible professional and are looking for a more favourable business structure, our team will help you set the right course for your practice, so you can focus on what you love doing most.

Why Retain a Business Lawyer Instead of Trying to Do It Yourself?

Many entrepreneurs believe that filing out a form on a site is all they need to do in order to start a business. However, taking this approach will deprive the entrepreneur of crucial legal advice that could cost thousands of dollars later. There are numerous statutes that govern businesses in Ontario. Different laws and obligations apply depending on whether you are a provincial, federal or foreign business, and whether you are a corporation, partnership, or sole proprietorship.

We assist our clients through legal issues that arise in their business and help anticipate matters you may not have otherwise considered. As the adage goes, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. If you are planning on starting a business or are interested in having tailored legal advice relative to your existing business, you are encouraged to consult with our Business Lawyers.

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